Frequently Asked Questions

Are all self storage locations the same?

No, self storage locations can vary greatly. The best way to see the differences is to take a tour of the location.


What are the business hours?

Our hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday and Saturday from 9:00 am to 1 p.m.


What notification do I need to give to vacate my unit?

We require ten days notice to vacate a storage unit.


Do I need Insurance?

CTS Storage carries insurance on the buildings only. We recommend you carry personal property insurance to cover your stored items.


What can I store here?

You can store household items, business items, or vehicles in your unit. We ask that you do NOT store flammable liquids, contaband, food, or other goods prohibited by law.


What is your billing cycle?

We bill on a monthly cycle, from the first of the month to the end of the month. Rent charges are prorated when you move in. If it is before the 20th of the month we only require one months payment. If it is after the 20th of the month we require the prorated month and one month in advance.


Is there a security deposit?

Yes, there is a $10.00 security deposit on all rental units. This deposit is refundable when you vacate the storage unit provided the unit is left clean and with no damage.


Do I have to supply my own lock?

Yes, we do ask that you supply your own lock for your unit. We do sell disc locks.


Do you provide a garbage receptacle or dumpster?

No, there is not a dumpster here to deposit trash or unwanted items. They will need to be taken with you when you vacate the storage unit. If you are caught dumping anything on the grounds of CTS Storage you will be charged a minimum of $300.00.


Can I pay online for my rental unit?

Yes, see our NEW Pay My Bill section. There is a 3% Fee for credit cards.


How do I know if you have a storage unit available in the size I want?

Please feel free to call us at (406) 924-6286 to see if there is a unit available.


Is there power to the units?

There is no power to the units.